Media Factory testing

Enabling Expertise!

The Aalto Media Factory (AMF) is one of Aalto University’s four factories, located at the Arabia campus in Helsinki. 

Aalto Media Factory (AMF) focuses on developing multidisciplinary media-related research and education, welcoming people from all around Aalto, and reaching out to commercial industry partners and non-profit organisations.

AMF resources joint ventures such as research projects, course pilots and event productions with coaching, tools and spaces.

Aalto University has now reached the age of 5 and during those years the Aalto Media Factory on the Arabianranta campus, has become a vibrant and essential part of our new university’s multi-disciplinary efforts. As we move towards 2020 the university will be further transformed by moving most of its operations to the Otaniemi campus in Espoo. This will allow for far more media-related collaborations within the Aalto community.  

A new media centre is being proposed for the Otaniemi campus and we hope that the Media Factory’s operations will find a new home in the Aalto Future Studios# (working name), an open and flexible environment for media education & research, experimentation, production, performance and exhibition. 

Our mission is to help Aalto people to make and exploit the possibilities of modern digital media within their work, now and in future: Aalto Media - for Aalto, by Aalto!

Professor Philip Dean,
Director, Aalto Media Factory
~ May 2015 ~