There was a lot of good energy and excitement in the Aalto Media Factory when the first Hack Your Heritage Hackathon occupied the premises during the first weekend of February 2015. The event gathered together a diverse group of coders, designers, cultural heritage institutions, artists, graphic designers and others interested in open culture to create new concepts out of old materials during.

Nearly 50 people worked intensively in teams over a weekend developing new concepts and prototypes around digital archive materials that Finnish museums and archives had recently opened for public.

After the weekend the teams continued working on the projects for six weeks. The evolved concepts and partly functioning prototypes were presented in the National Archive on March 26.  In the Final Gala a jury of media professionals awarded several projects with honorable mentions and awards.

The winner of the hackathon “Kerttu’s Journey” is a narrative mobile app on a young woman in Finland in the 1930s.   

You can see all the projects here.  

The hackathon was organised by the local Finnish OpenGLAM-working group AvoinGLAM in collaboration with Aalto University.


* Feb. 6-8, 2015 continuing till Mar. 26, 2015