Tangible assignments
on the course
of the Department
of Management Studies
at Aalto BIZ


The Aalto Media Factory was happy to provide facilities for theProject work and management course, arranged by the Department of Management Studies of Aalto School of Business (Aalto BIZ).

According to the lecturer Riku Oksman, the facilities for the course projects were excellent as students had the opportunity to utilize the Aalto FabLab, which operates in Media Factory´s premises, in completing their assignments.

This year the assignments of the course were also provided by Media Factory:

- planning and implementing a mailbox for physical mail

- decorating a negotiation room

- simplifying the use of presentation technology in the auditorium

- developing a solution for storing excess FabLab materials

“The learning outcomes of this year's course have been excellent. The possibility to actually work on concrete assignments helped enormously to illustrate the key points of the course. Also the feedback from the 17 students who attended the course was positive”, Oksman tells.

Project work and management (6 credits) is a bachelor level capstone course offered by the Department of Management Studies of Aalto School of Business. Instead of teaching project management tools and techniques, the main idea of the course is to familiarize students with the everyday reality of project work and its management. This is done by course projects, during which the students have to work on concrete assignments and at the same time reflect on the experience of completing them. The course has nine contact lectures, amounting to a total of 27 hours. The actual project work was carried out between lectures.

”The learning outcomes of this year’s course were excellent.

*Spring term 2015